Our approach

At Becruit, we pride ourselves in our personal approach and aim to deliver high quality solutions to all our clients. When you brief us on a specific mandate we fully take the time to understand the job requirements and the business culture – no two clients are the same. While employing candidates with the right expertise and skills are very essential, we believe that the personality and cultural fit of a company is just as – if not more – important.

You can by all means invite us to pitch at your offices and we can map a presentation for your specific search.

Becruit was established to service clients operating in both global and local arenas and we specialise in providing career resources for middle, executive and director Levels.

Our client base includes investment banks, hedge funds, economic consultancies, research consultancies, market data and business information firms, brokerage and exchanges, and start ups.

We undertake contingent searches on behalf of clients using the following process to achieve this :

  • Identifying quality candidates
  • Qualifying and presenting a carefully chosen selection of suitable candidates for the given mandate

Our service approach is to combine both contingency and search recruitment, providing the flexibility of a contingency recruitment service with the structured approach of a search entity. This allows upfront costs to be kept to a minimum, whilst still ensuring desired time scales are adhered to.

We also undertake retained searches which means :

  • We design and execute campaigns to accommodate the clients exact requirements
  • These campaigns are carried out over a determined period of time
  • The client receives a dedicated team of consultants to ensure success throughout the agreed timeframe and a significant amount of resources will be required to profile and identify the right candidates.

Start-up / international expansion partnerships

Becruit works with businesses that are entering the UK, EU and US market territories from other regions who are looking for a recruitment partner to assist in acquiring the perfect talent.